Rules & Training



FSAirlines has a few rules built into their operations that we have to follow in our flying club.


  1. MOST IMPORTANT: If you crash your plane, land with a vertical speed over -400 feet per minute or run out of fuel you will need to EXIT the FSAirlines client.

  2. Overspeed under 10,000 feet. You must keep your speed under 250 kts when flying under 10,000. If you occasionally overspeed this will not be counted against you but if kept longer than 1 minute points will be deducted from your reputation.


That’s it for rules.





For New Pilots.

Getting Started with FSAirlines:

Fueling Methods in FSAirlines:


Understanding the Package Cargo System.

The Basics in Package Delivery:

Releasing Packages & Ground Delivery:

Warehouses & Aircraft to Aircraft Transfers:

Updated Search Engine Information:


Advanced Features

Flight Route Basics:

One Time Pilot Specific Routes:

CSV Files & Advanced Features